Sunday, October 24, 2010

People Who Like Animals A Little Too Much

I feel a little obliged to continue my rant on animals from my previous entry.

As a white man living in a western country, I rarely feel that I opress too little. I never wake up in the morning and think 'mankind is not enough, it would be great if there were more individuals, maybe even races, species, that I may opress, maybe even to the extent of being food."

In Sweden there are institutions where we kill animals. Not for any specific reason, but because we usually do. We've always done it, why change? Sometimes, the animals in these institutions are hurt. Well, it happens all the time as they are murdered without compassion in a machinal process, but this is something that we have always done and is no reason to raise an eyebrow.

But sometimes it happens, that a cow breaks its leg and have to limp forwards to the slaughtering hall. This causes the people who likes animals a little too much to protest. Look at that poor cow. Or look at those poor pigs, who are nibbling at the tails of eachother. Or maybe pigs who are even eating other dead pigs - that's not natural, we're the ones who are supposed to eat dead pigs.

The restaurants in Stockholm immediately took a stand and refused to order meat from the farms where pigs ate other dead pigs - they wouldn't want to serve some sort of pigfeed.

I'm not sure, but I'm assuming that these same kind of people don't have anything against the death penalty, but they are prepared to take a fight in order for the criminals to be allowed to wear comfortable slippers while they are walking the green mile - it isn't humane to chafed feet while walking to the electrical chair.

And people who like animals a little too much are very fond of cats - "aww, there's nothing as fun as a fun little cat, except possibly, even more fun little cats". Therefore, these people want guarantees that the fur that they ordered from Russia is not made out of fun animals. I mean, you can't be certain about Russia, it's a completely different culture, so some fun animals may easily slip into the production hall of a fur factory among the rest of the minks and foxes. Or god forbit, a dolphin into the net designed for tuna. We love fun animals!

We love fun animals in the same way that we love fun foreigners, who are able to make fun of their skin color. In the same way that we appreciate homeless people playing guitar in the street, we enjoy seeing seals with balls balanced on their nose. You'll have to deserve not to be clubbed to death, surely? - By being a little damn entertaining.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of animals. They generally don't seem very sympathetic and hard to communicate with. But I don't think you have to sympathetic, funny or even lovable in order to deserve to live. Because then, most people in my vicinity would be in danger.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Children (AKA one reason of many to come)

I didn't really plan to write an entry until much later today, but this simply pisses me off to no end, so off writing I am!

A 3-year old kid flushed a new-born kitten down the toilet. Yes, you read that right. Read the article, and marvel at how they treat the whole ordeal.

I'm not really a fan of animals. One could go as far as to say I hate animals (ohh, another entry to come).  But what I hate even more is the treatment of some animals. I don't mind the meat industry though. The fact that animals are sacrificed in order for humans to eat isn't disturbing. I actually find the treatment of dolphins documented in The Cove to be quite reasonable when compared to the meat industry in the west. What I do hate however, is the completely uncalled for abuse of animals and pets, based on either a lack of knowledge or just pure sadism. Which was displayed in the above article.

Somehow, when children do terrible things, things go without concequence. In the article, nobody really minded the whole thing. The child did something out of habit, and so nobody is to blame.

Seriously, the kid has been flushing things down the toilet for a long time, their cat just had kittens, and nobody could even consider to do anything to keep the two separated? Sigh. Another example of people being complete idiots.

I think the most noteworthy thing about it though, is how it's treated just because it's a kid doing it. An article in the biggest swedish newspaper even ended with the sentence "it's hard to be mad at the girl when she's so cute". Remember this woman? A national hate campaign was launched against her, the internet helped out in finding her name out. Unlucky for her she wasn't cute enough, because then she'd gone without repercussions.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Headsets and other wired contraptions (AKA Everything gets broken raaarghh)

This is something that I thought I would have been rid of by now. You know how you always seem to manage to ruin your headsets? Either by damaging the cables, causing it to take damage from hitting the floor, or even just from ordinary day-to-day usage. So after ruining about my tenth pair of headsets in a few years, I thought I would finally get something done about this crap. At first I set my sights at some wireless ones that could be worn all around the apartment (seriously, never having to take my headset off? Amazing!). But in the end, they weren't reviewed as very good performance-wise, and I (stupidly, might I add) went back to the corded crap. Not any corded crap this time around though, I decided to get the Sennheiser HD 650, as recommended by a friend. For a good reason too actually, not only are they good but you can also have the cables replaced by just purchasing new ones. Makes it a bit cheaper than having to buy a new pair entirely,

So after about a year of working just fine. It hit me today like a ton of bricks. My left speaker in the headset has started to bug out. It's that glitchy thing, where if you move around it a bit you get your sound back, and if you then move out of position again it's gone. So that's it for me for a while,  not more gaming.
It's a really god damn frustrating sound too, I mean they don't stop working entirely either. You can go on for a while and say "hmm, well if I just hold it like this it seems to work, so sure I'll just not fixing it nor get a new one.

I'm seriously fuming when the glitching goes too bad, I start screaming loudly in my apartment to let my rage out. This is one of the things I hate the very very most right now.

I think I'll be drifting off to sleep now, even though it's the middle of the day here. Fell asleep a couple of times while writing the post, the bed is looking mighty comfy right now..

My Gluttony (AKA I can be an idiot too)

Alright, so after a night of no sleep and a few hours of exam-writing I'm back home again.  Somehow, drinking nothing but tea for 8 hours straight and not having anything to eat makes you both hungry and hyper. Just an hour into the exam my stomach was screaming for something to eat. Being my usual overconfident self, I of course discarded the thought of bringing something to eat to the exam. Oh well, I'm certainly more than making up for it at the moment.

As I'm one of those poor university students, I'm always doing my best to save money. Any big packs of food go right into my shopping cart and then into my fridge. So after finding a great offer on a load of meat, my fridge is pretty much full of meat just waiting to go spoiled. Funny how that works, in order to save money I end up buying more than I'll eat and throw half of it away.

So yeah, obviously I'm trying my best to go ahead and use it all before it goes bad, and I got a bit overzealous with my cooking. Threw a bit too many pieces of meat on there, made a bit too much pasta, so now I'm sitting with a plate full of food and I can't get another bite down.

This is how much I have left, and I'm full. Just great.

As for the exam, the cramming during the night seemed to pay off, although it was pretty darn easy on it's own. It was an eventful exam though. An hour or so in, some sort of fire alarm or other kind of warning siren went off. As is always the case, nobody really reacted. Even though the exam hall is right next to a biochemical plant. In hindsight, I regret not getting up, look frightened and run out while screaming. I really don't see them being able to fault me for it. It should be standard protocol to follow really. Who gives a damn about an exam if your life is at risk!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

'Movie'-Movies (AKA people are idiots)

Right, got an exam tomorrow and I need to study, so I thought I'd make an easy post.

I hate the '- -Movie'-Movies. You know which ones I'm talking about. Date Movie, Epic Movie, Disaster Movie - I may as well link you to the imdb profile of Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg,  the idiots who to this day, close to 10 years after the first modern spoof movie, still haven't given up their hopes of reaching the absolute bottom of IMDB.

Much can be said about this series of movies and the degree of stupidity that these two writers possess, but I don't think words can quite convey just how bad these guys are. And I'm not alone in this view either, so I'll just let you watch the trailers at your own risk.

People Who Do Not Share My Sense Of Humour (AKA people are idiots)

Quite a lot of my rage stems from people that do not understand my appreciation for certain things in life - once this blog is over I'll probably have posted about everything I like, too - and continuing the trend of yesterday, this entry will be about comedy.

I'm absolutely convinced that I'm the most sensible person on this planet. Everyone who does not see things my way have had disturbed childhoods, been fed propaganda, been deceived by the media,  and fooled into thinking that the things I find funny are in fact not. Or, most commonly, these people are just completely stupid.

 And really, it can't be that hard to realize what is good and what is bad when it comes to comedy. Family Guy is repetitive, boring, uninspired and stupid. There is nothing clever about it. As a matter of fact, if there is one thing that I am certain that I am right about in this world, and pretty much everyone else is wrong about, is that Family Guy is a TERRIBLE AND UNFUNNY SHOW. I'll dedicate a full post to the mediocricy that is Family Guy somewhere down the line.

I wish I could share with you some underground, relatively unknown comedy group as a contrast here. Sadly, most of my favorite shows actually are well known by the public and I can't give you insight to something new. So I'll just post some of my favorite skits out of my favorite shows.

First off, The Whitest Kids U' Know. Sketch comedy is a relatively hard format to pull off. Not that it takes great acting skills or great writing, but the pressure of coming up with new and fresh sketches is hard to keep up in the long run. Their portrayal of women is among the favorite parts of the show, despite it being incredibly easy to do. But talking high pitched, wearing wigs and being stupid truly does go a long way.
These guys are pretty popular, but I was met with a 'meh' when showing one of their best sketches to one of my friends, appearantly some people are able to not see the comedy in this. Ugh.

Next, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Another well-known show generally, but again there seem to be people that just don't get the brilliance of this thing. I won't be linking any specific video here, since it's the overall production itself that adds a lot to how great it is. If you haven't seen it, I urge you to go watch some FULL episodes. I didn't get it myself until after maybe 3-4 episodes. The quite low-quality of the filming as well as the overlapping dialogues (all the screaming over one another), makes it seem somewhat more believable when the characters (all of whom are funny) go on with their crazy ideas.
I can understand if it is a bit hard to watch it though. The script doesn't allow for good subtitles to be written for foreign exposition, you need to be a quite active listener here. Still though, I've been met by 'meh' comments even by people competent in the english language, causing me to get annoyed...

Finally, The Inbetweeners. As silly and below-the-belt as it is, the editing, acting and script still keeps it as a good show. The incredible social awkwardness that occurs just about every episode makes me cringe in an instant, and the characters really do seem to well capture the mentality of british teenagers. Even the support characters in the series all are great, and come across as very believable. This is another series that doesn't really translate well into a single clip, but all of the elements of the show are pretty well displayed here.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Funny Pictures (AKA people are idiots)

Alright, so following that funny funny image posted in my previous entry, here's something that I really need to get off my chest.

PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS when it comes to seeing humour. I'll laugh at pretty much anything, as long as it is funny. I suppose the title of this entry really should be "funny" pictures.

Once more, funny funny image taken from the first page of google hits. The joke here being that flies enjoy poop, humans do not. I'd love to be able to elaborate more here, since this would otherwise be a very short post. Sadly, there is nothing to be elaborated on. The joke may as well be "Yes, Yes, Margaret, I love you more than flying randomly around a room".

Actually, that punchline does remind me of another terrible source of "comedy" - Little Britain. I'll save my full rage on that show for another post, but the repetitive, stale and predictable nature of it can be seen in any of their sketches. Here's the one related to "I love...", and by god, it took me 10 seconds of watching to realize how much i hate the show. Damn.

An Introduction (AKA this will be easier than I thought)

Alright, first post, woohoo!

As you may be able to read in the description, this will be a blog where I let out all of my rage, about things that I hate, dislike or simply just annoy me. I have for a long time prepared to start writing a blog such as this one, and there's a big ol' hate-document with subjects that I hate. I didn't initially intend for the blog to be in english, but in swedish, so there's quite a lot of subjects that I've been forced to scrap. I'm still at a couple of hundreds of subjects that I'm looking forward to post, so you can look forward to seeing this blog going for quite some time.

I'm aware that this whole  "oh look I'm talking about stuff and I'm angry" is pretty tired by now, so it's not so much for your enjoyment as it is for mine. I need this outlet of rage for my own personal state of well being, and if people happen to enjoy it, I suppose that makes me somewhat happy.

Originally I had planned my first post to be a humorous one about how I hate some of the really taboo people in society - jews, immigrants, and homosexuals. However, there are more pressing issues at hand.

I didn't even have time to write my first post before starting to rage at this god damn blogger thing. Seriously, an introduction limited to 500 letters? How stupid is that! If they are expecting their blogs to hold up some sort of standard, let people introduce themselves. In my written introduction without paying any mind to the letter limit, I reached 1000 letters before even feeling finished. God damn. I'm more important than a 500-letter introduction. 500 words would be more like it. Would you be able to describe your entire life story in 500 letters? I don't think so.

 This post didn't turn out as fun as I had hoped. So here's what turned up when I searched for "funny picture" on google. This isn't very fun either, is it? Puts things in perspective.