Monday, October 18, 2010

My Gluttony (AKA I can be an idiot too)

Alright, so after a night of no sleep and a few hours of exam-writing I'm back home again.  Somehow, drinking nothing but tea for 8 hours straight and not having anything to eat makes you both hungry and hyper. Just an hour into the exam my stomach was screaming for something to eat. Being my usual overconfident self, I of course discarded the thought of bringing something to eat to the exam. Oh well, I'm certainly more than making up for it at the moment.

As I'm one of those poor university students, I'm always doing my best to save money. Any big packs of food go right into my shopping cart and then into my fridge. So after finding a great offer on a load of meat, my fridge is pretty much full of meat just waiting to go spoiled. Funny how that works, in order to save money I end up buying more than I'll eat and throw half of it away.

So yeah, obviously I'm trying my best to go ahead and use it all before it goes bad, and I got a bit overzealous with my cooking. Threw a bit too many pieces of meat on there, made a bit too much pasta, so now I'm sitting with a plate full of food and I can't get another bite down.

This is how much I have left, and I'm full. Just great.

As for the exam, the cramming during the night seemed to pay off, although it was pretty darn easy on it's own. It was an eventful exam though. An hour or so in, some sort of fire alarm or other kind of warning siren went off. As is always the case, nobody really reacted. Even though the exam hall is right next to a biochemical plant. In hindsight, I regret not getting up, look frightened and run out while screaming. I really don't see them being able to fault me for it. It should be standard protocol to follow really. Who gives a damn about an exam if your life is at risk!


  1. Ah, student-friendly food. There's too much noodles in my diet. Also, when an alarm goes off, you could pop your head out the door and at least take an overview, you know!