Saturday, October 16, 2010

An Introduction (AKA this will be easier than I thought)

Alright, first post, woohoo!

As you may be able to read in the description, this will be a blog where I let out all of my rage, about things that I hate, dislike or simply just annoy me. I have for a long time prepared to start writing a blog such as this one, and there's a big ol' hate-document with subjects that I hate. I didn't initially intend for the blog to be in english, but in swedish, so there's quite a lot of subjects that I've been forced to scrap. I'm still at a couple of hundreds of subjects that I'm looking forward to post, so you can look forward to seeing this blog going for quite some time.

I'm aware that this whole  "oh look I'm talking about stuff and I'm angry" is pretty tired by now, so it's not so much for your enjoyment as it is for mine. I need this outlet of rage for my own personal state of well being, and if people happen to enjoy it, I suppose that makes me somewhat happy.

Originally I had planned my first post to be a humorous one about how I hate some of the really taboo people in society - jews, immigrants, and homosexuals. However, there are more pressing issues at hand.

I didn't even have time to write my first post before starting to rage at this god damn blogger thing. Seriously, an introduction limited to 500 letters? How stupid is that! If they are expecting their blogs to hold up some sort of standard, let people introduce themselves. In my written introduction without paying any mind to the letter limit, I reached 1000 letters before even feeling finished. God damn. I'm more important than a 500-letter introduction. 500 words would be more like it. Would you be able to describe your entire life story in 500 letters? I don't think so.

 This post didn't turn out as fun as I had hoped. So here's what turned up when I searched for "funny picture" on google. This isn't very fun either, is it? Puts things in perspective.

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