Sunday, October 17, 2010

People Who Do Not Share My Sense Of Humour (AKA people are idiots)

Quite a lot of my rage stems from people that do not understand my appreciation for certain things in life - once this blog is over I'll probably have posted about everything I like, too - and continuing the trend of yesterday, this entry will be about comedy.

I'm absolutely convinced that I'm the most sensible person on this planet. Everyone who does not see things my way have had disturbed childhoods, been fed propaganda, been deceived by the media,  and fooled into thinking that the things I find funny are in fact not. Or, most commonly, these people are just completely stupid.

 And really, it can't be that hard to realize what is good and what is bad when it comes to comedy. Family Guy is repetitive, boring, uninspired and stupid. There is nothing clever about it. As a matter of fact, if there is one thing that I am certain that I am right about in this world, and pretty much everyone else is wrong about, is that Family Guy is a TERRIBLE AND UNFUNNY SHOW. I'll dedicate a full post to the mediocricy that is Family Guy somewhere down the line.

I wish I could share with you some underground, relatively unknown comedy group as a contrast here. Sadly, most of my favorite shows actually are well known by the public and I can't give you insight to something new. So I'll just post some of my favorite skits out of my favorite shows.

First off, The Whitest Kids U' Know. Sketch comedy is a relatively hard format to pull off. Not that it takes great acting skills or great writing, but the pressure of coming up with new and fresh sketches is hard to keep up in the long run. Their portrayal of women is among the favorite parts of the show, despite it being incredibly easy to do. But talking high pitched, wearing wigs and being stupid truly does go a long way.
These guys are pretty popular, but I was met with a 'meh' when showing one of their best sketches to one of my friends, appearantly some people are able to not see the comedy in this. Ugh.

Next, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Another well-known show generally, but again there seem to be people that just don't get the brilliance of this thing. I won't be linking any specific video here, since it's the overall production itself that adds a lot to how great it is. If you haven't seen it, I urge you to go watch some FULL episodes. I didn't get it myself until after maybe 3-4 episodes. The quite low-quality of the filming as well as the overlapping dialogues (all the screaming over one another), makes it seem somewhat more believable when the characters (all of whom are funny) go on with their crazy ideas.
I can understand if it is a bit hard to watch it though. The script doesn't allow for good subtitles to be written for foreign exposition, you need to be a quite active listener here. Still though, I've been met by 'meh' comments even by people competent in the english language, causing me to get annoyed...

Finally, The Inbetweeners. As silly and below-the-belt as it is, the editing, acting and script still keeps it as a good show. The incredible social awkwardness that occurs just about every episode makes me cringe in an instant, and the characters really do seem to well capture the mentality of british teenagers. Even the support characters in the series all are great, and come across as very believable. This is another series that doesn't really translate well into a single clip, but all of the elements of the show are pretty well displayed here.


  1. The interweeners look like an English version of the whitest kids you know minus the actual whole creativity level. I hear ya man, fo certain. Keep up the fascinating stuff man

  2. thanks for visiting my blog mate, nice blog you have here, I'll follow you.

  3. Well, you seem quite confident. I'm gonna check out the comedies you mentioned here.

  4. whitest kids you know was hilarious first season.. and a little into the seconds but its downhill. Always Sunny genius and original, very original. never seen the inbetweeners. family guy had its day. there is my contribution ahah.

  5. couldn't agree more with family guy.. bringing random skits to the mix that isn't relevant is not funny