Sunday, October 24, 2010

People Who Like Animals A Little Too Much

I feel a little obliged to continue my rant on animals from my previous entry.

As a white man living in a western country, I rarely feel that I opress too little. I never wake up in the morning and think 'mankind is not enough, it would be great if there were more individuals, maybe even races, species, that I may opress, maybe even to the extent of being food."

In Sweden there are institutions where we kill animals. Not for any specific reason, but because we usually do. We've always done it, why change? Sometimes, the animals in these institutions are hurt. Well, it happens all the time as they are murdered without compassion in a machinal process, but this is something that we have always done and is no reason to raise an eyebrow.

But sometimes it happens, that a cow breaks its leg and have to limp forwards to the slaughtering hall. This causes the people who likes animals a little too much to protest. Look at that poor cow. Or look at those poor pigs, who are nibbling at the tails of eachother. Or maybe pigs who are even eating other dead pigs - that's not natural, we're the ones who are supposed to eat dead pigs.

The restaurants in Stockholm immediately took a stand and refused to order meat from the farms where pigs ate other dead pigs - they wouldn't want to serve some sort of pigfeed.

I'm not sure, but I'm assuming that these same kind of people don't have anything against the death penalty, but they are prepared to take a fight in order for the criminals to be allowed to wear comfortable slippers while they are walking the green mile - it isn't humane to chafed feet while walking to the electrical chair.

And people who like animals a little too much are very fond of cats - "aww, there's nothing as fun as a fun little cat, except possibly, even more fun little cats". Therefore, these people want guarantees that the fur that they ordered from Russia is not made out of fun animals. I mean, you can't be certain about Russia, it's a completely different culture, so some fun animals may easily slip into the production hall of a fur factory among the rest of the minks and foxes. Or god forbit, a dolphin into the net designed for tuna. We love fun animals!

We love fun animals in the same way that we love fun foreigners, who are able to make fun of their skin color. In the same way that we appreciate homeless people playing guitar in the street, we enjoy seeing seals with balls balanced on their nose. You'll have to deserve not to be clubbed to death, surely? - By being a little damn entertaining.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of animals. They generally don't seem very sympathetic and hard to communicate with. But I don't think you have to sympathetic, funny or even lovable in order to deserve to live. Because then, most people in my vicinity would be in danger.


  1. I feel the same way about animals.

  2. I really like my cat, but if people want to club baby seals, spear dolphins or slaughter whales to get delicious whale meat then go ahead, just don't touch my cat!

  3. I love animals but don't get me wrong that's taken to a new level of unnecessary...

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